A new year, a new Whole 30

In the spirit of resets (and after the ENORMOUS amount of cream cheese brownies I made on NYE) it's time for a new Whole 30. This will be my third round, though I'll be stopping it a smidge early, on January 26 instead of January 31, due to a family vacation.   So what are the … Continue reading A new year, a new Whole 30


Chicago Marathon 2017, here I come!

I have a list of races that are on my bucket list, and Chicago has been on there for probably as long as I've been running marathons. After this past year's attempt at marathon training and failing, I decided I'd throw my hat into the ring for Chicago 2017, which is also the 40th anniversary … Continue reading Chicago Marathon 2017, here I come!

Cold Nights. Hot Curry.

I've always loved Thai food, but never really knew how to make. Whole30 changed a lot of that for me, and one of the recipes that really has become a staple is red curry with chicken. I've mashed together a few different recipes to make what has become my quick weeknight dish. A few notes about … Continue reading Cold Nights. Hot Curry.


This is All About Pie

This post is about pie. Glorious, glorious pie that I baked for Thanksgiving. And I suppose I should mention that Joe and I also ran a turkey trot on Thanksgiving! My husband does not love running - he prefers his cardio with chlorine and most of his workouts with free weights. But he laced up for … Continue reading This is All About Pie


The Off Season + Lemon Orzo Chicken Soup

Here it is. I'm past my goal races for Fall. I don't completely know what next year's race calendar looks like yet. And here's the thing: when I don't have a training plan to follow, I'm absolute garbage at consistency. Somehow time spent running will dwindle down to almost nothing, I'll grow lazy with cross training, and … Continue reading The Off Season + Lemon Orzo Chicken Soup


When You Have to Sit Out Your Goal Race

Like many runners, this past Spring I plotted my Fall racing season. My training would culminate in a trifecta in October and November: Market to Market Relay Race, followed by my A-race of the Kansas City Marathon, then a recovery fun-run of the Good Life Halfsy. That kind of happened. In August, I felt a twinge … Continue reading When You Have to Sit Out Your Goal Race


How to Build a Runner

What now seems like many years ago, but has in fact only been eight or so, I took up running. My reasons weren't uncommon: on the heels of a bad breakup I needed a way to burn off some of the anxiety, the angst, a way to kill all of the time I suddenly seemed … Continue reading How to Build a Runner