Homemade Guacamole

I'm a complete stereotype, but I love avocados. I eat avocado toast constantly, I add diced avocado to many meals, and often blend it into dressings or sauce to add creaminess and healthy fats. So it comes as no surprise that I also love guacamole. What I don't love is the store-bought stuff. With a... Continue Reading →


Breakfast Egg Frittata

An easy breakfast option for busy mornings.

Training a Little Out of Focus

I signed up for the Lincoln Half Marathon, which I ran last year and was a lot of fun. And honestly, it's a great way to get into the fall marathon spirit. It's in May, so there is only a slight gap between training cycles. I realized, while thinking about my training for that, that I've... Continue Reading →

A new year, a new Whole 30

In the spirit of resets (and after the ENORMOUS amount of cream cheese brownies I made on NYE) it's time for a new Whole 30. This will be my third round, though I'll be stopping it a smidge early, on January 26 instead of January 31, due to a family vacation.   So what are the... Continue Reading →

Cold Nights. Hot Curry.

I've always loved Thai food, but never really knew how to make. Whole30 changed a lot of that for me, and one of the recipes that really has become a staple is red curry with chicken. I've mashed together a few different recipes to make what has become my quick weeknight dish. A few notes about... Continue Reading →

Whole30: Day 1

This is it. Over the past week, I've scoured the internet, hoarding recipes, reading and re-reading Food Matters, The Whole30, and my two new favorite food blogs, Nom Nom Paleo and Well Fed (my copy of the Well Fed cookbook arrived this past Saturday!). I've highlighted tips, planned my meals, made an exhaustive grocery list. Sunday was... Continue Reading →

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