Getting to Know Myself with Yoga

As I mentioned previously, perhaps the one upside to my stress fracture has been an increased focus on my yoga practice. I have gone from practicing two or three days a week to more like five or six.

As I go to the mat day after day, the thing that has struck me most is how different our bodies are every day. There are days when Warrior III or Tree pose feel as simple as breathing, like I could hold them all day and never lose balance. Yet the very next day, in attempting the same pose, I’ll find myself falling out of it time after time. 17932679_1474522729302189_8925307147667898368_n

I finally really understand when a teacher says that our bodies and our practices are different every day. It’s also been extremely rewarding. I’ve gotten a lot stronger, all around, which I think is extremely beneficial. Making even tiny progressions in poses that I used to struggle through always feels like an immense victory.

And mostly, I suppose, it’s given me back an appreciation for my body that I think I lost a little in my frustration with my stress fracture. Rather than feeling betrayed, I’ve felt grateful for this newfound strength and bendiness.



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