#Whole30 Week 1 In the Books

First week is in the books. And I have to say – it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I ate relatively healthy, prior to embarking on this endeavor. I did a fair amount of meal planning and prep, too. I will say that Whole30 takes it to a whole new level. But in a good way.

I found myself less stressed out during the week when it came to having time for both exercise and making dinner in the evening. With so many portions of dinner prepped over the weekend, whipping up some zoodles for me/noodles for him to go with my pre-made sauce and meat balls, or throwing together the makings for tacos quickly was easy.

Friday Night Rowing Happy Hour

Feeling better on top of all of this helped even more. I’m sleeping mostly through the night, which for me is a not-so-minor miracle. I have more energy because of that. I hit the predicted bloat this weekend, but it’s a little better today. It may have also come on the heels of my need to eat all the things. Which I also did. Whole30 compliant, but I still got some volume in there (needless to say, the sweet potatoes I roasted to last the week will need to be redone).

All of this isn’t to say that I didn’t have challenges. We had family dinner last night, and the hoagie rolls filled with French dip looked amazing (I came prepared with leftover zoodles and red sauce), and everyone’s post-dinner sipping bourbon smelled divine. But I just kept reminding myself how good I’ll feel when this challenge is done. How proud of myself I’ll be for accomplishing it. How good I feel now. And that kept me right on track.

Fitness Accomplishments: I only took one break last week, and that was Saturday. And that wasn’t really a “rest” day. We took the dog on an almost three mile walk, I spent many hours meal-prepping, grocery shopping, house cleaning and floor scrubbing. And…drum roll: yesterday I went out for a 4-mile run that felt so good it turned into 5.5. THEN we went on another two mile walk with Trafford. I’m feeling fit!



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