Whole30: Day 1

This is it. Over the past week, I’ve scoured the internet, hoarding recipes, reading and re-reading Food Matters, The Whole30, and my two new favorite food blogs, Nom Nom Paleo and Well Fed (my copy of the Well Fed cookbook arrived this past Saturday!). I’ve highlighted tips, planned my meals, made an exhaustive grocery list.

Sunday was spent schlepping all over the city to different grocery stores, gathering new ingredients, stocking up, reading labels in a way I never had before. I’ve long considered myself a healthy eater, eschewing many store-bought things in favor of homemade, choosing lean meats and vegetables over highly processed stuff, but stocking up for the Whole30 was a whole new ball game.

Post-grocery store found me in the kitchen, cooking up a storm. I chopped veggies, tunaprepared meats, blended sauces, portioned meals, and finally collapsed, exhausted, after about three hours of prep. But I think this will put me in a great place for week 1.

The Plan

Breakfast: This is going to be the same for the week. I chopped up a bunch of veggies – asparagus, spinach, red onion, and bell peppers and whisked a bunch of eggs together with some herbs and spices to make a big egg and veggie casserole. Serve with a little compliant salsa (I’m using Trader Joe’s Salsa Authentica) and a clementine, and I’m good to go.

Lunch: This will vary, but only slightly.

  • Monday & Saturday: Canned wild Skipjack tuna in water with Whole30 mayo, chopped red onion, dill pickle (TJ’s kosher dill sandwich slices), and some dried dill and chives.
  • Tuesday-Thursday: Against All Grain’s yellow curry (I used chicken instead of shrimp) with cauliflower rice and a sweet potato and broccoli medley roasted with coconut oil.
  • Friday: I’m supposed to take a new employee out to lunch, so I’m still determining my strategy on this one. I’d like to avoid restaurants in my first week.


  • Monday: The aforementioned yellow curry.
  • Tuesday: Well Fed’s Old School Italian Meat Sauce. This I made pretty much to order, except that I kept it all beef. I prepped this on Sunday, so I only had to whip up some zoodles.
  • Wednesday: Leftovers!
  • Thursday: Paleo Pad Thai from Savory Lotus.
  • Friday: Chili! It’s going to be a warm day, so not totally appropriate for it, but it will be easy for a Friday night.
  • Saturday: I’m not sure yet. I made a lot of food this week, so this might be another leftover evening. I have a handful of recipes I’m noodling on, so this will likely be a day-of call.


I weighed myself this morning, the last time until the end of this. So here goes nothing!



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