2015 was a crazy, wonderful, hectic, and busy year. I got married, bought a house, bought a car, did some traveling and overall just relaxed into married life, and my job, and what to do moving forward now that we weren’t saving for a wedding or a house, now that we didn’t have major changes on the horizon.

Through all of this, somewhere along the way, my running, my fitness, my healthy eating became sidelined. A bad fall on a run in January sidelined me for a while. My banged up knee protested most cardio, and eventually, in the midst of our February wedding and the exhalation that came after of not worrying about wedding planning, I stopped running. I stopped making the smart dining decisions at restaurants, stopped choosing lower-calorie drink options, stopped limiting those after-dinner snacks. In short, broke a lot of healthy habits that I’ve always had. My weight kept climbing, the lack of exercise meant my anxiety and insomnia returned, which meant I didn’t have the energy to even motivate myself to exercise. It’s a vicious cycle.

But no more. I’m giving myself 2015. Probably the first and only year as an adult where I didn’t worry about what I ate, or what size I was. And while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s also not something that should continue. So it’s time for some goals.

I have several moving into the new year, but there are two that will prove to be the most believeimpactful on my health: running (not just signing up for) the Lincoln half. And completing the Whole30.

The Lincoln half is a race I’ve signed up for every year I’ve been in Lincoln, and somehow found a reason not to run or train for. Third time’s a charm. I’ve dusted off my trusty Hal Higdon half marathon training plan, and entered the workouts into my Google run calendar. Training begins next month. I’ve already prepped my Believe Training Journal.

The Whole30 starts in mere days. I decided to embark on this challenge over New Year’s weekend, so I’ve spent the last several weeks planning, studying and preparing. I’ve thought about doing the Whole30 for a  while. The idea that you’re resetting your relationship with food appealed to me, but I found the process intimidating – along with really hating the idea of giving up that glass of wine or that smooth bourbon nightcap. But making changes, healthy choices, requires sacrifice and commitment. It’s time.


So 2016, I’m coming for you. Time to take back the me I know.


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