Day 4 of Whole30: This Feels Almost Too Easy

I'm a little bit into the morning of Day 4. I expected to feel...worse. The Whole30 team does a great job of prepping you for what to expect, so I was bracing myself for a few days of detoxing from the vast amounts of sugar and carbs I consumed on family vacation. And truly, I felt... Continue Reading →


Whole30: Day 1

This is it. Over the past week, I've scoured the internet, hoarding recipes, reading and re-reading Food Matters, The Whole30, and my two new favorite food blogs, Nom Nom Paleo and Well Fed (my copy of the Well Fed cookbook arrived this past Saturday!). I've highlighted tips, planned my meals, made an exhaustive grocery list. Sunday was... Continue Reading →


2015 was a crazy, wonderful, hectic, and busy year. I got married, bought a house, bought a car, did some traveling and overall just relaxed into married life, and my job, and what to do moving forward now that we weren't saving for a wedding or a house, now that we didn't have major changes... Continue Reading →

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