Nuun vs. Hammer Fizz

I've tried doing Hammer Endurolyte pills, and I'm just not a fan. I can't remember to take them, and I dislike fussing around with them. As a result, I switched over to Hammer Endurolyte Fizz, as they included a few samples in a Heed order, and I liked the idea of just throwing a tab … Continue reading Nuun vs. Hammer Fizz


My First DNF – Hammerhead Olympic Triathlon

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful. Temps in the low 80s. Slightly cloudy skies kept things from getting too roasty at the beginning of the day. Perfect day for an Olympic triathlon. Typically, the Hammerhead HOT Olympic race has been held in August, more than earning its name "HOT." This year, it was pushed back to … Continue reading My First DNF – Hammerhead Olympic Triathlon