Finding My Purpose

Many years ago now my dream was to get paid to be a writer. Growing up, it was never an idea I truly entertained, because when I thought about being paid to be a writer I didn't know that could be anything but a novelist or a journalist. Then I discovered advertising. When someone first … Continue reading Finding My Purpose


Meditation on Injury

I've now taken my first toddling steps toward running again. It's painfully slow, but luckily not physically painful. At the end of the day, this experience, this injury - it's incredibly humbling. I think of the hours and the miles, the time and energy and sweat and tears and years now that I've put into … Continue reading Meditation on Injury

Getting to Know Myself with Yoga

As I mentioned previously, perhaps the one upside to my stress fracture has been an increased focus on my yoga practice. I have gone from practicing two or three days a week to more like five or six. As I go to the mat day after day, the thing that has struck me most is … Continue reading Getting to Know Myself with Yoga


Stops and Starts

Throughout the first several months of the year, I had a nagging pain in my shin. I'm no stranger to shin splints - they plagued me terribly when I first started running, and I had a hard time believing that there would ever be a time where they weren't my constant companion. However, the longer … Continue reading Stops and Starts


Time Flies!

It's been a month since my last post, and I have to say a lot has happened! I've been lucky enough to become the co-leader for the Nebraska/South Dakota Oiselle VolĂ©e! I'm really excited about the ideas we have for team meet-ups and more! I started my first official training cycle of 2017. It feels … Continue reading Time Flies!


I’m a 2017 Nuunbassador!

A few weeks ago, I saw people posting that Nuun had opened up their application for 2017 ambassadors. I've been using Nuun for years now. My stomach never settled well with traditional sports drinks, and while I used Hammer Heed for a while, it was a little too high maintenance for my taste. So Nuun … Continue reading I’m a 2017 Nuunbassador!


Training a Little Out of Focus

I signed up for the Lincoln Half Marathon, which I ran last year and was a lot of fun. And honestly, it's a great way to get into the fall marathon spirit. It's in May, so there is only a slight gap between training cycles. I realized, while thinking about my training for that, that I've … Continue reading Training a Little Out of Focus